Hakushu 18 Years Old


Melon, kiwi. Honey, geranium. More and more citrus. Anise. Hay. 1min later, light prunes. Still a light nosing, no peat. People probably mistreat hay as peat. Lemon after a sip. Overall medium to light strength.
Pretty rich to start. Yellow fruits + citrus sourness and kiwi. Sweetness dropped after 5s with more peel and tea taste. The whisky tasted a bit thin, and not much change on the palate.
Some pear with peel sweetness, longan, then honey + green tea bitter, finally vanilla sweetness and cinnamon

ColorDeep gold

NoseRipe pear, dried mint, oregano, hint of smoke

PalateJasmine, mango, quince, menthol

FinishLong, pleasantly smoked, hint of bitterness

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