Ruinart Rose Brut Champagne


Ruinart rosé, the first rosé champagne to exist, has a long history dating back to the 18th century. While Ruinart rosé champagne has been around for over 250 years, its high quality is still a key component in the manufacture of this delicate wine.

The color is a lovely pomegranate pink with hints of orange. A continuous foam coats the glittering, airy effervescence.

The nose is light and airy at first, with a unique combination of tropical fruits (guava and lychee) and small berries (raspberries, cherries, and wild strawberries). The complex, intense aromatic profile, dominated by somewhat undeveloped primary aromas, is completed by rose and pomegranate notes.

The assault is distinct and rich on the palate, cushioned by a delicate effervescence. The smells of freshly harvested berries are present in full force. A wonderful freshness and sumptuous body are brought together by an elegant bracing hint of mint and pink grapefruit.