William Larue Weller Bourbon, Buffalo Trace Antique Collection 2011


This superb 11-year-old W L Weller Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey was distilled at Buffalo Trace in the fall of 1998 and bottled in the fall of 2011 for the legendary Antique Collection.

This extremely rare barrel-proof Bourbon is drawn from charred American white oak at 66.75 percent ABV (133.5 proof) and is released in ultra-small quantities – it is often considered to be among the best rated and in demand from the collection. This is one of a total of 5,152 bottles.

William Larue Weller was reintroduced to the Buffalo Trace series in 2005 (he made a brief appearance as a 19-year-old in the early 2000s), making this the series’ seventh entry – and a very rare one at that!